Escales, a lifestyle

In Paris as in Saint Tropez the Maison ESCALES, an exclusive and prestigious international brand. Thanks to its authentic and original brand image, ESCALES shares with you its passions and values.

A brand's factory

ESCALES' inspiration comes from summer lifestyle as well as from winters harshness. Its designs are made in noble and natural fabrics (Cashmere, Leather, Silk, Cotton or Linen) Inspired by the erosion of the pebbles, salt and sun, all our dyes and treatments are natural. They make ESCALES' products unique.

An invitation to travel

ESCALES thrusts us into the heart of the French Riviera and invites us on a journey to the French Riviera and to the heart of the most beautiful destinations around the world. ESCALES takes you to the most wonderful regattas, to Paris, London or New York for a walk in the city, or in an exclusive ski resort.

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